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A Vine of Mine

I have decide that I really love the potato vine.  Love it.  We sell two colors – a dark purple and a limey green.  One day I noticed at the shop a hanging basket of the purple color.  The basket was full and bushy and BEAUTIFUL!!  “Yes ma’am,” I thought to myself, “that would look perfect on my porch!”  Of course, being the procrastinator that I am…I waited too long to buy it and someone else had the same great idea as me (whoever you are, you have GREAT TASTE!).

SO….with my hanging basket gone, I figured it can’t be THAT hard to just make one myself. And you know what, it really wasn’t!  I purchased two small potato vines, and two basic hanging baskets.  They looked a little small and lost at first, but these babies grow and fill in fast!  You can even break off some of the stems and stick it straight down into the dirt and it will start to sprout out from the nodes.  Who knew??  Then some cooler weather came along and I did not do a good job of protecting my little darlings and this is what happened….NOOOOOO!!!  All my love and work gone!!

In the midst of my meltdown, my dear sweet husband gave the basket a haircut, replanted some of the stems and it was not long before it started perking back up!  This is a story of the assassination that almost was…however, this plant has survived to grow another day!