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Pottery in Houston, TX

Please note the exact pottery in these pictures and videos may or may not be available anymore but we still have plenty of other pieces of pottery that are not shown here.

You don’t have to settle for look-alike mass-produced pots. We scour the earth to find artisans from places like Vietnam and Indonesia. Then, direct-import their one-of-a-kind pottery creations to Nelson Water Gardens. Our mission: offer you pottery as unique as you are.  Come let us help you find the right pieces for you.  Whether you’re looking for a planter, a fountain, or just an accent piece, the pottery that’s right for you is waiting at Nelson Water Gardens.

Our inventory is so extensive, that it would be nearly impossible to show you everything on our website.  You can get a taste of what we’re all about online, but to truly experience us, we highly recommend making a trip out to see us in person.  Come out and see our selection today.  Our friendly staff will help you narrow down your choices in short order!