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Aces- Getting to Know the NWG Staff!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Keep the Aces in their places”? Just recently Mom (Anita) and I were talking about this phrase and what it means for you our customers. Nelson’s has many layers like an onion (Shrek reference…anyone get it?), so everyone on staff has their niche or specialty so for the next few weeks I am going to highlight my amazing co-workers and point out their super powers!

our people 002 Tirso is my first super hero highlight. He is our expert in all things pottery, disappearing fountains, and other types of fountains. Tirso is one of the strongest guys besides my brother (Peter) I know, it’s absolutely amazing how much weight Tirso can lift! Come meet Tirso, if you don’t already know him, he is here at the shop everyday except Sundays. You will fall in love with his goofy smile and charming personality.