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Am I Old?

This weekend I was doing the dishes and as I looked out the window I saw a Hummingbird. I was so excited! I called my husband Nick over to see our little visitor and he was not very excited. Oh well… I immediately¬† wanted to attract more hummers so I could watch them while I wash dishes. I already have a great red lantana and red shrimp plants but I want MORE!!!! Thankfully the nursery stock is 50% off at Nelson’s till the end of August and I can plant more vibrant red colors to attract more hummingbirds. I’ll also add my hummingbird feeder with 4parts water to 1part sugar (no food coloring) and hopefully my one little visitor will spread the news that I have wonderful yummy nectar to eat. Hope that being excited about hummingbirds at 27 doesn’t make me seem too old but who cares they are so fun to watch.