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Any Aggies in the HOUSE!?

Yesterday Anne, her two kids and I made a pilgrimage to visit Emma in Aggieland. Emma had classes till two so we decided to make a few stops on the way and if you have the time on your next trip to College Station I highly recommend these three wonderful places.

1st stop: Breakfast at Mamie’s Kitchen in Pattison on 359. Okay so this place is technically local for me, Nick and I have breakfast here pretty much every Saturday because it’s yummy. You can not go wrong stopping at Mamie’s for breakfast and lunch open Tuesday-Saturday.

2nd stop: BeeWeaver in Navasota off of Hwy 6. Where do I begin on how much I enjoyed this stop…hmmm. Lets start with they had a shop dog! Which as you know I have a super soft spot for shop dogs because my boy George is the official Nelson’s shop dog. We then met the shopkeeper Mitzy who was the nicest sweetest (probably due to large helpings of honey everyday) lady ever! OH MY GOODNESS the honey (insert a drooling emoji here) was sooo soo good, we tried over 25 different honeys from all over the USA. Anne and I may not be twins but we are super similar and ended up buy the exact same honey, one from Hawaii with a gritty texture which sounds weird but it was delicious, a cinnamon honey (I added it to my coffee this morning with some milk which was to die for) and lastly a Texas mesquite honey. Anne took Layla (her daughter) to the bathroom and came back saying I had to check it out. I have to tell you it is the coolest bathroom! I should have taken a picture of the door it had a hand carved door knob and a huge wooden latch lock. Then I noticed a buzzing sound coming from the corner. They have a pipeline for the bees to come from the outside of the building and they crawl down the tube into a windowed hive box in the main shop. Visit their website http://beeweaver.com/

3rd stop: Martha’s Bloomers also in Navasota right off Hwy 6. We’ve been going to Martha’s Bloomers for years and Anita and I always make sure to visit Stewart at the Atlanta Gift Market in January at his Savory Cracker Booth (which I always end up snacking on way too many because they are so tasty). We had lunch at the Cafe M. Bloomers ( I know more food, I love food). It was such a lovely day we ate outside in the garden it was magical and relaxing. http://marthasbloomers.com/

We finally made it to Aggieland and had a great visit with my younger (I have to say younger because she is not little I’m 5’7″ and she is 6’1″…so technically I’m her little shrimp sister) sister Emma.