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Be the crazy person in your neighborhood!

Last year we started carrying Natures Way Leaf Mold Compost.  It’s the premier compost used in Houston.  And to me it’s pure magic.  Add it to your garden and lawn and you will see your plants respond with stronger, lusher, greener growth.  You can add it at any time to your garden, up to 1/2 inch on your lawn (made sure most of the grass shows through) and 1″ in your flower beds.

Be that crazy person……Go out there and toss compost with reckless abandon!

Here is a football field in the Houston area.  One of the player’s Dad’s kept telling the groundskeepers to use compost.  Finally on January 15th he spread a circle of compost in the most torn up damaged area of the field.  The second picture was taken in February.  The grounds people were convinced and spread the whole field with compost Picture # 2.  And the last picture is of the entire field during football season.










There were three side effects that spring football season:

  1. They had to mow more often
  2. They did not have to irrigate,
  3. There was a large reduction in injuries (pulled muscles, broken bones, shin splints, etc.).  The increased microbial activity from the compost broke up the hard pan surface. As a result the soil was softer and when tackled it gave preventing the injuries. I was told the medical savings alone paid for the compost a dozen times over or more.