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Blogging with Boggins

Ok just a little play on words here!  If you have a bog gravel filter or bog garden Bilbo Boggins (aka Kevin) has a few words on winter care.  ……Do nothing!  Ok there is just a little something something to do as far as winter care goes.  It’s mostly thinning out crowded plants and cutting off frost bitten foliage.  One thing that can occur in a bog garden is the gravel starts to rise as roots take up space.  Winter (while the plants are sleeping so they won’t know) is a great time to thin out the plants before they start disrupting the gravel.  Another thought is to plant a few evergreen annuals such as cyclamen, dianthus, and evergreen herbs in the gravel bog to keep it looking pretty in the winter months.  In the picture below of the pottery bog you can see that Nasturtiums, Red Spider Lily and Rain Lilies are loving living in the bog.  The marigold and snapdragons not so much.