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Bullfrog Bucks FAQ

What are Bullfrog Bucks and how do I get some?

It’s easy, sign up for our newsletter, not to be confused with out E-Splash, and then just shop at our store! For every $10.00 you spend at Nelson Water Gardens you earn a Bullfrog Buck. If you have been shopping with us since January 2004 and have an account with us then you have earned Bullfrog Bucks whether you knew it or not! The Bullfrog Bucks automatically accumulate in our computer system and the total number of Bullfrog Bucks you have will print at the bottom of your receipt.

How can I find out how many Bullfrog Bucks I have accumulated?

Just call us (281-391-4769). Or email us, but be sure to include your name & address in the email so we can access your account. We assign account numbers by combining your zip code plus your street address. If you live in zip 77493 at 1502 Katy Fort Bend Co. Rd. then your account number will be 774931502.

How do Bullfrog Bucks work?

Bullfrog Bucks work as a matching dollar program. For example, if you have 10 Bullfrog Bucks, and you purchase $20.00 or more, we will take $10.00 off of your purchase. If you spend less than $20.00, we will take ½ off of your purchase, and your remaining Bullfrog Bucks will stay in your account and can be redeemed on any future purchases in November or December.

Do my Bullfrog Bucks expire?

No, you can accumulate them indefinitely, but you can only redeem them in November & December

What can I spend my Bullfrog Bucks on?

Anything you like, with the exception of labor, shipping costs, or special orders.

What if I don’t spend all of my Bullfrog Bucks?

Any unused Bullfrog Bucks will remain in your account and can be redeemed on any future purchases in November or December.

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