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Hi Everybody!

I’ve been busy with Easter, The Garden Party and a new granddaughter.  That makes 3 granddaughters for the Nelson family.  Anyhow, yesterday I harvested my first cucumber!  This was a cucumber plant start from Nelson Water Gardens.  I’ve planted other cucumbers from seed but they haven’t set fruit yet. The lesson is that if you are in a hurry vegetable starts are the way to go.  It’s a necessity for tomatoes because we have to get them fruiting before the heat sets in.  Once it gets really around early to mid-June most tomato varieties will stop setting fruit.  At that time you can rip those plants out to make room for other summer veggies.  Last summer I kept my tomatoes growing right through the summer and sure enough they did not produce fall fruit.  I had heard this, but I just had to prove it to myself—ya know what I mean?