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BUZZ OFF Mosquitoes!!


OH MY GOODNESS! Because of all the rain and wet weather the mosquitoes are out in full force this year! I do not like deet, I know it works but it really irritates my skin, so I like to arm myself with some great deet free options.
1. Patio Egg- this made in Texas product is great for doorways. The diffuser uses natural essential oils to deter mosquitoes away from doorways.
2. Skeeter Screen Candle- also made in Texas this candle is great to burn on the table during an outdoor party or dinner.

3. Murphy’s Incense Sticks- a blend of citronella, lemon grass, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint oils create a very pleasant smell that tricks mosquitoes into thinking they are full. (wish that it worked for me…) Depending on the wind these will last up to two hours. I like to have a small pot of sand that I stick one in and carry it around as I work outside no need for any spray.

4. Regular Citronella Candles- not everyone is a fan of their scent but they work! I would prefer to deal with the smell than the bites after.

5. Mosquito Dunks- put these into standing water to kill mosquito larvae for 30 days or more. (If you have a pond your fish will eat the mosquito larvae particularly the Rainbow Dace)

6. Citronella and Geranium plants- Plant some around your yard, pool, or put in pots by the house to help control mosquitoes.