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Can I plant in the Summer?

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s super hot and humid outside but it’s still a great time to garden. Here are Tips from an 8month pregnant lady for successful summer gardening!

  1. Get out in the garden super early or the late evening when it is cooler. I also will garden right after a passing rain shower when it’s still cloudy.
  2. Keep everything you need in a handy cart or wheel barrow to minimize running back and forth to grab materials.
  3. Make sure to get newly purchased plants in the ground ASAP, plants in pots will dry out extremely quickly. If you get them in the ground missing a watering is not as harmful to the plant.
  4. Create a watering schedule! New plantings should be watered twice a day the first week, once a day weeks 2-4 and every other day the rest of the summer.
  5. If you miss a watering and your plant looks like it’s a death’s door give it some love with Micro-Life Super Seaweed foliar spray. This will give it a boost of nutrients and help it recover.
  6. Get the family involved! We love going out in the evenings and checking on our gardens and seeing the new growth and looking for fun insects.
  7. Protect yourselves from those pesky mosquitos! Watch out for Fire Ants.. especially after a rain shower they tend to move and not have a defined mound yet.
  8. Most important tip of all enjoy yourself and have fun!