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What you can plant NOW!

Can’t wait to get started?  Here’s what you can do this week in the garden:  Plant Seeds!From now until the end of January carrot seeds can be planted outside and tomato seeds started inside.

Speaking of tomatoes, NOW is the time to prep your beds.  Did you know that it is not advisable to plant tomatoes in the same spot year after year?  This is due to build up of diseases in the soil.  Start now and you have until Valentines Day to complete the project!

Why Valentines Day*?  It’s the traditional day to transplant tomatoes outside.  If your beds are done, then all that is needed is plant the tomato starts and then you can get back to pampering your honey (remember it IS Valentines Day).

Actually February 15th is the OFFICIAL date for the last average freeze in zone 9, Valentines Day is an easy date to remember.  Last average freeze date means that in a normal year there will not be any freezes after that date.  For us in zone 9 living along the Gulf Coast that date is February 15th.

What if there is a freeze?  Simply cover your plants.  What if you forget or they freeze anyway?  Buy new ones, a tomato start costs $2.49 at Nelson’s!