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Christmas in July

Psst… The Ding Dang Sale is still going on at Nelson’s.

I don’t know about you but I never really understood the whole Christmas in July concept….and to be perfectly honest I still don’t. Any way what does this have to do with what I’m writing about…I’m glad you asked. I like to get my Christmas, birthday, basically any type of gift giving shopping done super early. I have a special secret spot in my closet were I store the little treasures I find throughout the year for gifts. As you know July 4th kicks off our Ding Dang sale and boy is it chalk full of awesome gifts to give to others and at a good price… I’m like my grandmother always searching for a good deal.

Thank goodness I have a big walk in closet I even fit pottery in there to save for later! (I’d show you a picture but my closet is kinda embarrassingly full of stuff) Come on in and get some great deals on wonderful gifts and you can even “Treat Yo Self 2018” (if you do not know what Treat Yo Self is please look up “Parks and Recreation”) to a few things with all the savings.