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I have a few confessions to make….

  1. I got the idea for confessions from the Pioneer Woman….
  2. I do not use Fountec to keep algae from growing on my fountain. I enjoy scrubbing the algae off of the fountain, I enjoy the transformation from a green pot to a red pot again. (I’m weird I know)
  3. I do not have a pond…. I do have a big earth bottom pond with lots of fish and turtles living in it. My dogs enjoy swimming in it but I do not have any waterlilies or other water plants like that because the turtles would get them….
  4. I may have grown some of my veggies from seeds I bought from another Nursery…yes I cheated on Nelson’s I am ashamed.
  5. I bought four plants and forgot I did. There are now 4 containers with burned up plants on my porch.
  6. There is a doe and fawn living in my backyard. I like to say hello to her even though I know she is scared of me. Also her name is Dumb Doe because she got “trapped” in my neighbor’s yard. She just was too scared and dumb to follow her friends through the open gate and couldn’t figure out how to get out for five minutes. I watch and had a good chuckle about it.
  7. I have to talk myself out of buying something from Nelson’s everyday… ask my sister she gets the texts from me trying to justify needing another pot, plant, figurine, etc.
  8. Eddie and Peter have made fun of me for years and it makes me mad every time they talk about it. They claim I sound like a Southern Bell when I answer the phone. Not that an accent isn’t bad but I don’t really have one.
  9. I enjoy making lists… can you tell?
  10. I have never wrapped up a waterlily or bagged up fish at work.