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Contrary to Popular Belief

Contrary to my name, I do not kill every plant that I touch…just most of them.  Let me rewind to 13 years ago.  My mom bought me an ivy to keep on the porch of my dorm my freshman year in college.  As you may be shocked to know, this ivy is STILL alive!  I am a firm believer that NOTHING (and no one) can kill an ivy!  However, I came very VERY close!  Two winters ago, during one of our hard freezes (you all remember those two brutal winters back to back), I left my sweet, beautiful ivy on the porch by my front door….thinking, “Oh, it won’t be that cold, it is just one night.”  WRONG.  I brought the poor thing in the next day, and all the leaves were crispy.  Within two days, all the leaves were black.

I am not going to lie….I cried.  I had grown emotionally attached to this ivy…the one lone plant I have managed to keep alive year after year.  I thought all was a goner until…..I found this little gnome.  I gave my poor ivy a haircut, trimming it back to nothing but leafless viney stumps.  I tucked this little guy in for decoration…and maybe luck.  Sure enough, my ivy began to come back.  Slowly but surely new growth appeared, and before I knew it, my ivy was overflowing the pot and taking over my front porch!!  I learned my lesson though…from now on I bring that bad boy in, even if the temps are below freezing just for one night!

Maybe it was trimming in back and being patient….or maybe it was the luck of the gnome…we will never really know.  All I DO know is, my ivy is alive, so there is still hope for me yet!