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Control Pests the Natural Way

Lady Bugs, Beneficial Bugs, Praying MantisLadybugs, Praying Mantis and Beneficial Nematodes are here!  Ladybugs control aphids, Praying Mantis will eat ANYTHING, and Beneficial Nematodes control Fire Ants and Cockroaches.  I use all three in my garden.  This year plenty of ladybugs overwintered so I won’t need to buy ladybugs but I will be purchasing Praying Mantis, because let’s face they are cool!  The nematodes really work, you can try an experiment by just adding a few to a mound and you will see the ants pick up and move the mound in days!  The key to using the Nematodes is to spread them around, so when the mound tries to move, the nematodes will be waiting for them.