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How to build an above ground pond

If digging isn’t your thing, or if you prefer to have a pond that is raised above ground, fear not! We can show you an easy way to do it. Here is the step by step process it’s really easy. Even a caveman could do it!

Decide on the size of your pond, and measure how much lumber you will need. We recommend a water depth of 18”-24”

Measure twice, cut once!

Secure treated 2”x12” to either another 2”x12” or a 2”x6” using sections of 2”x6” braces spaced 2’-3’ on center. Fasten with wood screws.

Once you have each side assembled, attach them to one another using wood screws.

By now, you have a sturdy framework which is the main structure of your new pond! You should be quite proud of yourself by now.

Now it’s time to lay the liner into your frame. Make sure the liner fits all the way into the bottom edge of the framework, and leave a little extra slack in the bottom.

Staple the liner along the top edge of the framework to secure it while you finish it off.

Now you can screw treated 1” x 4” boards on the top of the liner and framework. This will give you a finished look.

Just trim the excess liner around the outside when you’re done. Fill her up with water and viola! You have a pond!

All in a day’s work! Now you can enjoy a cold drink, and enjoy the sunset over your new pond.













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