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Feeling the Burn

Whew, Spring is here and we are already feeling the burn of the sun. But with that sun we can plant plant plant!!!! Don’t forget to water water water!!!! This past weekend I got my veggie garden beds weeded, added in more soil, and then planted my veggies. Now the waiting begins for those wonderful scrumptious tomatoes, squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumber and beans, I’m getting hungry just thinking about everything I’m going to make with them! Maybe I’ll share some of my favorite recipes. While gardening,  I had on a big straw hat, a long sleeve fishing shirt, and put sunscreen on my face and neck….I was wearing capri pants…. know where this is going?

Yes that is a wonderful sunburn, so for a week it will look like I have knee high red socks on. Everyone had a really good laugh about it, last time I make that mistake! Stay turned for more Mary Misadventures!