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Fish First Aid Kit

A Fish First Aid Kit is a great idea for ponds with large populations of fish.  Suggested Items for your Fish First Aid Kit are:


This is the first step to keeping fish healthy. AquaSafe not only neutralizes chlorine and chloramine it contains additives to enhance fish slime coat and detoxify other heavy metals.

Three sizes available

8.45 oz                        treats 1250 gallons           $9.99

16.9 oz                        treats 2500 gallons           14.99

101.4 oz                      treats 15000 gallons         69.99

Pond Salt

Speaking of slime coats, adding salt “does a body good” at least a fish body. The slime coat of a fish provides it with some immunity of disease and stress. But do not use table salt, in a pinch use kosher salt or ice cream salt.

50 lbs treats 5,000 gallons      $14.99

Stress Relief

This is a great product to use if your fish have experienced any type of stress, due to any number of reasons. It removes the chlorine and chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals, adds a multi-part skin slim protector, adds essential electrolytes and boosts alkalinity. Use anytime you have water quality issues or have bacterial problems to aid in the healing process.

16 oz treats 960 gals               $12.99

32 oz treats 1920 gals            $19.99

1 gal treats 7680 gals            $49.99

Ammonia Remover

For various reasons ammonia levels can spike in a pond, Ammonia Remover neutralizes ammonia instantly.

16 oz   treats 5760 gals           $12.99

32 oz   treats 11520 gals         $19.99

 Ultra Water Garden Zip

When ammonia spikes, it is followed by a spike in nitrites, Ultra Water Zip speeds up the process of getting nitrtes and ammonia back under control.

32 oz treats 32,000 gallons                      $27.99

1 gal treats 128,000 gallons                     $69.99


Fish, like people, can contract various diseases, including bacterial infections. WipeOut is a broad spectrum antibiotic for fish.

Treats 4,800 gallons of water $14.99


Water Test Kit

Lets you know what going on in your pond. With information concerning ammonia, nitrite and pH readings in hand we can assist you so much better in solving your fish/pond problems. Or you can bring your pond water in for a free test.

Air Pump

For large fish population we recommend having an air pump on hand for emergency situations. Even if low oxygen levels are not the problem, increased levels of oxygen are helpful to a stressed fish. We have several models available.


You can always call us (281-391-4769) and order any of these products, if the order comes in before 3:00pm we can usually get it out the same day. All of our fish medications are for ornamental fish only (your goldfish and koi).

Please note: prices are subject to change without notice.