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Fish Issues :-(

we discover 001Recently, a lot of people have been experiencing some fish issues. We have had several people come in with big fish kills and no idea why… Well due to the heavy amounts of rain we have been getting lately things have been washing into the pond from the yard that may be harmful to the fish. Things like bug spray, lawn weed killer, fertilizer and other lawn care products are deadly to your fish. Make sure you are careful when treating your lawn with these products and stay away from the pond area if possible. Watch the weather forecast to see if there will be rain when you are thinking about treating your lawn.
If something does get into the pond you should do at least a 25% Water change as soon as possible to dilute the toxins. Make sure to use your dechlorinator and add in some salt into the pond 1lb per 100gallons of water
***Very Important use Feed Salt or Rock Salt (do not use table salt or water softener salt..these have iodine and other things in them that hurt the fish as well)****

Whenever your fish seem under the weather make sure to do a water test, (we do free water test here and most pet stores offer water testing as well). Check for Ammonia, Nitrites, and pH. pH in this area runs high so a reading of 7.5 or 8 is normal.

If you have any of those issues give us a call and we will talk you through what to do to balance out your water.