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The Freeze Awakens: A Jedi Gardeners Tale

A long time ago in a Garden Far Far Away………………………………………………….(please read the following while thinking of or listening to the opening of Star Wars)

The terrible First Order Bad Weather have taken out their aggression on gardens all throughout the Houston area. The rebellion of Plant enthusiasts are in search of the famed Distracted Master Gardener Anita Nelson. Mary and her sidekick Georgebacca set out on a quest in her trusty transport the Millennium Matrix to find the Master Gardener. They set out from their barren garden with hopes of new plants and finding balance in the garden. They receive a tip to search in the Colonial Parkway and Katy Fort Bend quadrant on a small plant called NWG Nursery. Upon arrival they see fountains, pots, ponds but seemingly no nursery stock….and think about turning around but something in the Gardening Force tells Mary and Georgebacca to look further into this NWG Nursery Planet. Low and Behold they see a figure covered in dirt and know this has to be the Distracted Master Gardener Anita Nelson! Mary tells her “There is something inside of me…something that has always been there. But now it’s awake and I do not know what to do. I need someone to show me were to plant all this.”