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Garden Party: Butterflies, Plants,Pumps, and TACOS!

Garden Party is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! Mainly because we are going to have breakfast tacos…which who doesn’t like breakfast tacos?!  Did you know that we are having Nancy Greig from the Cockrell Butterfly Center as one of our speakers? If you are a part of the save the Monarchs Movement then you have to come out to listen to Nancy talk about Gulf Coast butterfly gardening. Also, a wonderful customer has been shipping butterfly weed to a high school in New York City along with eggs so those students can learn all about butterflies, how cool is that! All the students stop by the aquarium where the eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies are housed to see their progress. Now that is Feducation (fun + education). Don’t miss out on Gulf Coast gardening with Linda Gay, she knows how to garden in our area. I, like my sister in law Karie, don’t have the greenest of thumbs….I know shocking a Nelson without a green thumb can’t be true…but it is. I grow one thing well lantana because I hardly have to touch it, I’m hoping to get some good tips from Linda to become a better gardener/Nelson LOL. Lastly we have Demi Fortuna The Pump Guy, and I mean The Pump Guy. Demi knows so much about pumps he should have a masters degree in pumps and  ponds…if there were such a thing. So please join us for a great day and lots of feduction (fun education).