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Gardening is a waiting game

I get frustrated sometimes with my garden.  I want things to happen really fast, like instantly.  Gardens have their own timetable.  Recently, I’ve been reworking a flower bed.  Admittedly it was a mess with some really tenacious weeds in it.  So I’ve pulled weeds and also smothered them with a good 3-4″ of compost.  This was 2 months ago and some have been poking their leaves above the compost. I can easily spot them and pull immediately.  BUT….tt will be a good year before these weeds run out of stored energy in their roots and finally die off—patience!

I have also planted lots and lots of plants.  These are the sad plants that nobody wanted at our store.  After awhile most nursery plants lose vigor in their pots and start to look a little worse for wear.  All they need is a good home and a little loving care.  They will return to their former glory but it takes time.  Again for me patience!

Then again, some plants will take their sweet time before they start to look their best.  I’m thinking of some fennel I planted a year ago.  Fennel is one of the host plants for swallowtail butterflies and I wanted to encourage more of these giants in my garden.  The plant just “sat” there all last year….this year BOOM! It’s off and growing.

So in this instant gratification world maybe it’s a good thing to slow down and learn that some of the best things take a little time.