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Hacked Off!

Have you ever just gotten super hacked off? Well this Saturday I was so hacked off! I had enough and it was time to get even! Well, I guess I should explain myself and give you some background.

It all started in October when my husband Nick and I bought a home. Now the previous owners were not gardeners at all! I have my work cut out for me to improve the outside of the house. I planned on getting to the gardens sorta quickly but I was really sick when we moved in and then the holidays hit. Thus the garden has stayed the same and neglected. You may ask “Why are you so mad/hacked off Mary?” I’ll tell you.

Nick and I have always been backdoor entry way people. You know the saying backdoor guests are best well we just use our backdoor for everything. The path leading to the backdoor had a small bed next to it and it was planted with Almond Verbena, which is a great plant don’t get me wrong. Except for the fact that the bed is about 2.5ft wide in between the house and the walkway and had way too many planted in such a small area. This plant personally attacked me every single day! Whipping me in the face, grabbing grocery bags and tearing them, dog leashes tangling into the branches this plant had it out for me!

Well Saturday I finally did it! I got out my trusty loppers and hacked that Almond Verbena to pieces!! My mom always told me any plant is a weed if it is in the wrong spot, so the verbena had to go.

So don’t be afraid to get hacked off or just hack off plants that don’t fit in your landscape.