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Herbs are easy to grow and handy to have.

I don’t have to tell you how poor my flower beds looked after coming through last winter…let’s just say it was complete annihilation. Or so I thought! To my pleasant surprise, once the carnage and weeds were cleared away, I found my chocolate mint THRIVING!! Full and spreading and smelling like heaven!! And for the record, it was completely ignored for the past several months! If that doesn’t scream “HELLO, I AM HARDY,” then I dunno what does!  Additionally, I had a similar experience last summer with sweet basil and it wound up growing taller than my daughter! Not only are herbs easy to grow and are Plant Assassin proof… how convenient is it to have fresh herbs just outside your door for cooking? Or…mojitos! Trust me, they can be beautiful fillers, and if I can grow them easily, so can you!!