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Hot Tips

Summer has hit the Houston area and I just wanted to share some “HOT” tips/don’t forget to do these things before our brains fry up in the heat.

1. Don’t forget to add water into your disappearing fountains! If you are going on a long vacation it is best to unplug the pump while you are gone.
2. Increase your fountec usage to twice a week to prevent algae growth on your fountains.
3. Add Aquasafe every time you fill up your pond!!! Set a timer on your phone when using a hose for a big fill up so you don’t forget and overflow the pond and possibly kill your fish.
4. Treat with Algaecides before 10am in the morning and make sure your pumps are running.
5. Fertilize your waterlilies every two weeks.
6. Worried about your fish while you are gone? Use hornwort (submerged grass) and vacation food block.
7. Cover your pond with a plastic sheet/dense cloth cover during mosquito spray times to protect your fish. Make sure you only cover for the time they are spraying DO NOT LEAVE ON the pond for an extended period of time.
8. If a toxin like mosquito spray, lawn fertilizer, ant treatment, etc get into your pond do a 30% water change immediately and use Aquasafe, this may save your fish if caught right away.

Hope these tips help you through the long hot summer. We are always available to help at Nelson’s for any other questions or concerns you have about your garden in the summer heat.