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How a Prep a Bed

First you throw on a fitted sheet then you….wait no…not that kind of bed….we’re talking about a plant bed.  First…do you HAVE a veggie or flower bed?  Do you want to know the easiest, super simplest technique of building one?  Simply buy a bunch of compost and pile it 6″ deep or more over the area designated for your bed and Viola…you are done!  Seriously, no joking here it’s as easy at that.  NO DIGGING!  The compost will attract the critters and microorganisms  work on  the soil beneath the compost and do ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.  This technique also raises the level of the bed allowing for better drainage.  In our illustration we decided to frame our bed.  This would then be the first step.  We used 2′ x 12′ to frame out a veggie bed at Nelson’s, but you could also use cinder blocks, bricks, pavers, edging plants such as Liriope or Monkey Grass or nothing.  Whatever suits your fancy.

Already have a bed?  Here’s how to prep an existing bed.  Clear away all the weeds, plant corpses and debris that have accumulated over time, then simply buy a bunch of compost and pile on 2-4 inches deep over the surface of the existing bed.

These wood frame beds work well for tomato growers with limited space.  Since tomatoes cannot grow in the same soil year after year (due to disease build up) the soil can be replaced each year.