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How to get started

When it comes to gardening the best place to start is the soil.  Having said that, I can honestly say that I don’t always address this issue, like anyone else I walk outside in our nursery and am immediately seduced by all the lovely plants.  I want one of everything.  Sometimes I walk around muttering “I won’t be seduced by plants….I won’t be seduced by plants…”   I do this with sewing too, I fall in love with a fabric and buy it without any idea of what I can make.  It’s silly isn’t it?

The best course of action is to prepare your soil.  Here’s an idea, visit us at Nelson’s but don’t step out into the plant area just visit the mulch, compost and soil amendment area.  Let us talk you through what to do to prepare your beds.  But DON’T look at the plants!   Get that bed ready and then when it’s time to purchase the plants it will be a breeze to plant them in that nice loose rich soil you have prepared for them!