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How to pick a heifer….#AgWifeLife

So I’ve mentioned before I am an Ag teacher’s wife and with that title comes certain interesting aspects of life. This weekend my husband had a full weekend with students and cattle. Saturday was hay hauling day and then Sunday we went to look at heifers specifically Red Angus and Red Brangus. When I look at these little 1-4 month old heifers, I see cute little babies. Nick sees these calves and evaluates bone structure, depth, and potential to be winners.  Once he explained what to look for I understood which little calf to pick from the herd. That little calf had all the makings of being a big winner at the stock shows all around Texas. I really enjoyed learning about the cattle and the genetics behind what makes one cute calf better than another cute calf.

Which got me thinking about plants…. I wonder why? A plant is much like a steer or heifer project you are in it for the long haul. They need the proper care and nutrition to thrive and look like winners in your show aka your landscape. We hope to be your experts in picking out the winning plants in your landscape.


Still pretty dang cute!