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How to repot your hardy waterlily

Here along the Gulf Coast, waterlilies are repotted annually, starting in April.  Otherwise, they become crowded and will not bloom as frequently.  Remember to use clay-based topsoil to repot. (Do not use commercial potting mixes)

Starting 2 months after repotting, fertilize with 2 Pondtabbs per 7qts. every two weeks until October.

  1. Wash all soil off the lily roots.  Hardy waterlilies produce long fleshy roots called rhizomes, these can be cut when repotting.
  2. The part of the root where the leaves emerge is called the growing tip. Cut the rhizome 4-5 inches back from the growing tip.
  3. Use a 7 qt pot or larger without drainage holes. Fill 1/3 full with topsoil, sprinkle with 1 tbsp of Landon Fertilizer per 7 qts. of soil and mix thoroughly.
  4. Dig a shallow trench from the center of the pot to the side; next lay in the rhizome with the growing tip pointing toward the center.
  5. Fill with topsoil to within 1-2” of top.
  6. Firmly punch down the soil to eliminate any air pockets.
  7. Top off with a 1/2” layer of sand and then a 1/2”-1” layer of pea gravel.
  8. Gently lower the waterlily back into the pond.

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