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I’m Gonna Soak Up the Summer!

connie veggies (this is Connie H. She is the best plant arranger in town, she does all of the pots by the front door!)

Summertime is for going out and soaking up some rays…well not me because I am sooooo pale and need crazy amounts of sunscreen to stay safe in the sun. Speaking of that don’t forget to lather up when you are out this summer!
Here are some great plants that can soak up all that sunlight. Mexican Heather, Lantana, Blue Daze, Coastal Rosemary, Fountain Grass and much much more.

You can even do a great succulent garden. My personal favorites are Agave, Crown of Thorns, Desert Rose (basically Crown of Thorns with out the Thorns), and Hen and Chicks to name a few. I love succulents because they require very little work on my part.

Make sure you utilize our plant experts here at Nelson’s Connie, Connie, Cramer, and Tedri I get all my great gardening tips from them, when Anita (mom) isn’t available.