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It was MINT to be!!

I have an adorable pig pot….an adorable pig pot that murders everything I put into it.  Yes…it is probably user error, but I do partially blame the pot for lacking a drain hole.  Inevitably I drown everything I have plant in my adorable death trap.  It is really surprising to me how far a little bit of water goes when it cannot drain out the bottom.

Well, using my powers of observation and listening to our customers, a woman was talking about a small mint she planted near a leaky faucet in her backyard and how it had EXPLODED and was thriving in the damp soil.  AHA, lightbulb!!  Finally, an answer to my problem!!  I immediately purchased a chocolate mint for my adorable pig.  (Sidebar, if you have never heard of chocolate mint, you are really missing out.  It smells just like a Thin Mint…hello, yum!).  I planted my little herb, and was very careful not to over water it.  SO careful in fact, that I fried it.  I am talking COMPLETELY dead…black stems, no leaves.  Just twigs.  My pig looked like it had been struck by lightning.  NO!!!!!!!!!

Not again, I am trying so hard and getting nowhere!  UGH.  It was at that point…as much as I hate to admit it, I gave up.  Threw my hands up and side “FINE!!”  And I walked away.  That was about 2 months ago…give or take.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago…upon watering the plants I have managed NOT to kill, I noticed some green sprouts in my pig pot.  Weeds…darn them, the pop up everywhere…why can’t THEY take a hike?  Fast forward to this past Tuesday…hey, those sprouts are bigger and are starting to look very mint like.  SO, I smooshed them, and sure enough CHOCOLATE MINT!  Holy moly, it came back from the dead!  And just in time for Halloween.  Who knew?  Maybe it really is an indestructible plant!