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It’s a Numbers Game

Is it really worth it to grow your own veggies?  If you have the time and the trouble then yes…I won’t go into all that sustainable, recycle, eat healthy, organic, eat clean, helps you exercise… blah blah blah    IT JUST SAVES YOU MONEY.   I mean seriously if you are going to go through all that process (notice how I deftly avoided the word; WORK) shouldn’t you get more out of it than just eating healthy?  And yes initially there is WORK (I mean “process”), see my previous blog on building a bed.  Once the bed is built, you can call yourself a farmer and harvest your own veggies.

Rolf Nelson eats at lest $3.50 worth of cherry tomatoes a weeks.  That amounts to $42 of tomatoes consumed during the 3 month period when you can grow and harvest tomatoes here along the Gulf Coast.  Two cherry tomato plants costing a total of $5 will supply Rolf with tomatoes during that same period.  Then in the Fall we replant tomatoes and save more money.

Notice I did not include the cost of the compost?  Technically according to accounting principals the cost of compost would be amortized over the time it would be used.  Who wants to mess with math like that?  Except Accountants, Bless you.

Don’t have the time and trouble to grow your own?  Starting March 17th, every Saturday from 10am to 1pm, buy organiclly grown veggies from VegOut Farms at Nelson’s!