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Kill ’em with kindness

It’s so hot and dry at this time of year that we need to keep our plant needs in mind.  And that usually means water and plenty of it.  However it is possible to kill your plant by kindly watering too much.  It’s easy to spot a plant that needs watering, it’s droopy and sad looking.  Signs of over watering are more difficult to detect—one thing to look for is soil that has been soggy for days and yellowing leaves on the lower parts of the plant that drop off easily.

Although there is a point of no return with a wilting plants, most recover quickly with the addition of water.  Allow the over watered plants to dry out to the point of wilting and then water.  It always helps to give the plants a little boost after stress.  We recommend Microlife liquid organic Super Seaweed or Superthrive.  So keep an eye on your plants and don’t kill them with kindness.