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Lawn Care Tips: Weeds Edition

Are you starting to notice pesky weeds popping up in your lawn? Are you ready to go grab some herbicide to kill them? I encourage you to, STOP, collaborate and listen, before going after those herbicides you see advertised on TV.

Weeds are portrayed as the evil villains in the landscape but like most villains they are just misunderstood. A weed is just a plant that is growing in a place you do not want it, they are not inherently BAD as these commercials make them out to be they are just surviving in the soil that is best suited for them. Guess what?? The soil that is best suited for them is not best for your grass which is why the weeds are there, they are the dominate plant in the space… the alpha…the big kahuna… the big cheese… the boss. NOT to worry fellow gardeners you are actually the BOSS! Here is all you need to do, make a terrible work environment for those weeds…. aka better soil. Treat your lawn (which is a combination of the grass and soil) to a healthy meal of compost top dressing, not just any compost top dressing either, give your lawn the very best of the best Nature’s Way Resources Leaf Mold Compost. Then for desert Microlife Humates Plus,  which is concentrated compost.


Apply the Nature’s Way Leaf Mold Compost at about a 1/4″ thickness all over the lawn (1 bag covers about 50sq ft) and follow up with the Microlife Humates Plus.

Remember most issues happening in the garden are actually a Soil Issue not a Plant Issue. Think of the soil as a work environment, the healthier the environment (soil) is the more productivity you will get out of your employees (plants).


I think I may have over done it this time with the analogies lol!

This is my front lawn….a bit on the sad side at the moment lots of clover in there but I’ve started amending the soil so I’m on my way to a great patch of healthy grass!