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What I learned from Dan Millikin

Dan was the featured speaker this past weekend.   He is an organic gardener, a consultant and the head horticulturist at the McGovern Centennial Garden;


Here are a few tips I learned from him—-compost compost compost!  I already knew you could save a sick tree by simply adding a 1″ layer of compost around the base of the tree.  I proved it by saving my neighbor’s tree.  From Dan I learned that if you have a low muddy spots or bare spots in your yard it also can be solved by adding compost!  Compost is truly magical stuff!  You can make your own, buy it in bulk or buy it bagged.  We sell compost here and we can recommend companies in the Katy area for compost delivery.

Here’s another tip; GRUBS are good, yes Grubs are good.  OK, Dan did qualify that by saying SOME grubs are good.  It is only when the population gets out of control that they become a problem.  According to Dan Grubs are the number one mover and aerator of the soil, even more than the friendly earth worm.  So if you see SOME grubs in the garden there’s no need for panic!

Thank you Dan for an truly informative speech delivered with a droll sense of humor!

If you want to contact Dan for a consultation on organic edible gardening you can contact me.