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Meet the Newest Member of the Nelson Crew!

Hey Everyone!
I’ve been absent from blogging as of late because there is a new Nelson in the Nelson Crew! My husband Nick and I welcomed our son Revan (pronounced like Heaven) Nolan Gonzales on May 10th. Revan, is Rolf and Anita’s 6th grandchild and Karen’s first grandchild! I haven’t done much gardening because I’ve been adjusting to my new role as mom but last week during the amazing cool days I was able to get out and work in the garden.

We bought our house back in October and the beds around the house were in desperate need of weeding, bed prep, trimming, and new plantings. My first task was removing all the soil that was piled up against the siding of the house. Make sure when you do beds up against your house you do not put soil directly onto your siding, it leads to rotting wood and insect damage. I pulled all the soil from the house and added a 6 inch trench of bull rock up against the house to prevent any further damage. Since it’s so hot I decided not to plant anything new and just prepare the soil. I mixed leaf mold compost and Multi Purpose Micro Life into the existing soil and just letting it sit till the fall.

I am looking forward to planting my beds this fall. Figuring out what I want to plant around the house has been the hardest decisions I’ve made in decorating the house. I decorated the inside, picked out paint colors, got the nursery ready….but the outside ugh I’ve been struggling. What do you think I should plant??

The Frog Days of Summer starts August 1st all Nursery Stock will be 50% off all month long! Stock up on great plants for your garden. I would suggest keeping them in pots and watering every day then planting when we cool off a bit in September. I know that’s my plan!


Bed Prep                                          Baptism          Mom meeting Revan at Hospital     Revan’s first visit to Nelson’s     Daddy (Nick) making me smile     Grandma Karen at Nelson’s