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MicroLife for a MacroHarvest

Nelson’s is now carrying the amazing ALL Organic Fertilizer brand MicroLife. MicroLife is a wonderful company that started in 1988 with the goal of creating quality Organic Biological Fertilizers for plants and lawns. We are happy to have them at Nelson’s in our effort to bring our customers great organic options for their gardens.

Multi-Purpose 6-2-4 increases all plant performance, improves all soils by feeding the indigenous microbes and adding billions more. It builds big roots systems which further improves the soil and reduces water use.

Acidifier 6-2-4 is outstanding nutrition for all plants that want a low pH environment. Contains extra Sulfur (14%) and Humates to bring out the true heath and beauty of your Azaleas, Roses, and Acid loving plants.

Citrus & Fruit 6-2-4 this is a tweaked version for the Multi-Purpose specific to Citrus and Fruit plants. All the minerals in MicroLife get transferred to your fruit so when you eat MicroLife grown food, you get those critical minerals back.

Vegetable, Flower and all New Plantings 8-4-6 is great for helping new plantings bounce back from being transplanted. Contains billions of microbes into the soil and fortifies the plant to produce new growth.

Super Seaweed Liquid is a fast acting liquid nutritional spray to quickly strengthen your up. It’s like a super charge tonic for your plants to absorb through their leaves and roots.

Maximum Blooms 3-8-3 Liquid is the Organic ‘Blooms in a Bottle’. We put in carefully selected ingredients that will give you the very best bloom production and the healthiest, most vibrant color ever.

Think MicroLife to get Macro Results!