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My Mom! Anita Nelson is turning 60!

Mom and me MomFor those of you who don’t know Anita is my mom and if you have met her you know how lucky I am to have her as my mom. This June Mom is turning 60 and I wanted to write about Mom because she is well…. Amazing, Fabulous, and Beautiful (see I look like her SO LUCKY!)!
Here is a fun fact about Anita, she is not a big fan of cut flowers…she prefers growing plants…hmmmm wonder where I could go to get her a beautiful pot of live flowers?????

Here are some really great things that Mom has taught me because she and dad created Nelson Water Gardens.
1. Always shake hands firmly and look in the other person’s eyes as you do so.
2. Nothing cures a bad day like sitting by a pond or fountain something about running water is so relaxing. (have you ever noticed that massage places usually play music that incorporates rushing water sounds?)
3. Color Blocking…putting like colors is more pleasing to the eye. (A trick she picked up quilting)

Just a few of the work related things Mom has taught me, I know I’ll get more lessons in the years to come. Make sure to say Happy Birthday to Anita when you see her in June!