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Mom, mom, mom, mother ANITA!

The wonderful Anita Nelson is my mom. My title is how I have to address mom at work… I begin with Mom a few times then go to the dreaded Mother and the last resort Anita. I finally can gain her attention that way. There are four of us Nelson kids, Peter, Anne, Mary (that’s me!) and Emma. Peter and I work at Nelson’s full time. Anne lives in Baton Rogue with her family. Emma is finishing her sophomore year at A&M and coming back to Nelson’s for the summer. Mom managed to raise all of us and start and run a successful business. She’s a super talented writer (if you didn’t notice from the newsletters), gardener, and quilter. I have four quilts, tons of pillows, quilted wall hangings, table runners for the holidays, and bags made just for me by mom. I am very lucky to have Anita as my mom she’s literally the best! Peter and I benefit all the time from working with her. She is always picking us up breakfast, snacks, taking our cars in to get the oil changed, picking up my veggie order on Saturdays from Vegout! farms, doing other SLD’s (silly little details) for us and much much more. I just can’t help but brag about her.

Mom’s passion for life is a great guide for all of her children, we love you very much Mom….Mom…… MOM….Mother….. ANITA!