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Mr. Turkey is BACK!!!

For many years we set up a hay bale turkey on the corner of Katy Fort Bend and Colonial Parkway.  Then his spot was taken when a traffic light was installed on that corner. Mr. Turkey was forced into retirement.   But he’s back! We made changes in the side parking lot and now have room for Mr. Turkey!

Everyone gets pictures with pumpkins and Santa Claus but poor Thanksgiving and Turkeys miss out on the holiday fun time. Come out to Nelson’s and get a wonderful picture with our Bright Fun Mr. Turkey to add to your holiday picture collection.

Other updates:   we have wonderful fall/winter annuals that can handle the cooler temperatures and brighten up your garden. We even have an option for the pond called the Water Hawthorne. This unique plant keeps growing right on through the freezing temperatures and will die off in the summer heat. It’s a great way to add some greenery in the pond while your water lilies are dormant.