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New Year New Blog Idea

So this year I’ve decided to blog about something that starts with the letter of the month each month. So January starts with a J and my word to blog about is Jedi…..

No spoilers about the movie at all I just had some thoughts about Jedi and Gardeners… I’m I going to stretch here probably. Jedi are all about balance with the force which is what connects everything including nature. I found it very interesting that Yoda and Luke both “retire” to places that are surrounded by nature and plants. I think this symbolizes the calming effect that plants and water have on someone (alien or human). Gardeners understand this and that is why we create our, back/front/wherever we can find the space, little oasis. Though Gardeners to not weld lightsabers to protect the galaxy from the evil Sith, we do have pruning shears, shovels, and hoes to combat the evil weeds and wild growth. May the force be with you as you go out this year into your gardens.

And to go with this an adorable picture of my nephew Darth Silas.