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My Little Beta Pot Secret

It is human nature – some people are just inherently afraid of commitment.  Buying a plant and putting it in a FLOWER BED in front of the house for all to see is a public commitment. YIKES!! What if it dies? Everyone will know it was me. For shame! Or worse, what if it is UGLY or does not match the rest of the “scheme” of the yard? Stop right there, breath deeply, and repeat after me: it is just a flower, it is just an herb, it is just a vegetable. Realize that sometimes plants just die (unless they are in my yard, then it probably really was my fault, but I’m special like that).

If all this sounds familiar, then container planting is the perfect baby step on the path to front yard garden success. Because I live by the trial and error method of gardening, many a plant has died under my watch, yet surprisingly many have thrived thanks to this recent discovery. Who knew that for just a few dollars investment I could try out a flashy new flower, and keep the experiment behind closed doors (or my fence!)? Only to later show off my success in a BED in the FRONT YARD. Best of all, NO one has to know my little Beta Pot secret!