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Oh how I hated weeding

Even though I developed a love of gardening as a child, I hated weeding.  I have three younger brothers and we decided we would plant a vegetable garden.  Which we did….but my mother (she was one of those “mean Moms”) insisted that we also take care of the plants in the garden which meant weeding, which meant we could not play with our friends until we finished weeding.  Sigh!  My point in this story is years later my bother Pat said to me, “Anita, remember how Mom used to make us weed the garden?  I hated it!  But now when I come home from work that’s all I want to do is mess around in the garden!”  Ed, who is Peter Nelson’s father-in-law heads straight for the garden after work. After being cooped up all day in the artificial environment of an office building it’s a welcome relief to get outside at the end of the day.

Gardening is just one factor (and to my mind THE most important factor) in living a long and healthy life.  But I think I’m preaching to the choir here. You all know the secret of gardening, let’s spread the word.