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Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Did you know that this year celebrated Dr. Seuss’s 104th anniversary of his birthday? In our last newsletter I wrote a little ode to Dr. Seuss using the rhyme from “Green Eggs and Ham”. I was thinking about “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” doesn’t have as much catchy rhyming but it’s a great motivating book. I was given this book at my high school graduation and found myself looking at it again. I taught high school theatre from 3.5yrs before coming back the the wonderful NWG and this quote just about sums up why I’m back “It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.” Don’t get me wrong I loved my time as a teacher and think the world of teachers (I mean, I met my wonderful husband Nick ,who is an Ag Teacher, while working at our Alma Mater).

So for me it’s now
“Oh, The Gardening you will do,
out in the yard,
planting something new
don’t worry it’s not hard.
Trust in the soil, the dirt the grime
soon you will garden all the time.”