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One tough Plant

If you love eggplant, then this is a win win!  I planted eggplant last year and got lazy and gave up watering my veggie garden.  The eggplants survived and produced fruit well in to the Fall!  I know I know, eggplant is considered a vegetable, but horticulturally and botanically; technically it is a fruit.  No matter!  Slice, brush with olive oil sprinkle with your favorite seasonings and broil or roast and you have a delicious treat.  Rolf Nelson is all a master at grilling them!  Have you ever tried making moussaka, a sort of Greek lasagna which uses slices of eggplant in place of the pasta?  I’ve had it a restaurants and yum!  But when I tried to make it myself, Epic Fail!  Any tips out there for me?