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I really love to entertain.  Something about having those close to you all together, happy, eating, having fun!  However, there is another secret reason I like to entertain…the mad dash you do to get everything CLEAN, organized, picked up and put together…you know, so you can look like you have it all together!  Your house will NEVER look as awesome as it does right before a party.  OK, there MAY be a few shortcuts I take….like, for instance, do not DARE open drawers, closets, or random cabinets – or stuff might come crashing down on your head.  Here’s my big secret for straightening up the yard……(drum roll please)……….mulch.  Seriously.  Throwing a few bags of fresh mulch onto the beds is like….well putting on some makeup.  Maybe you men folk won’t quite appreciate the analogy, but (at least for me), a bit of powder and some mascara can surprisingly hide a lot of things!  Same goes for mulch…it is so nice and fresh – the color is still so dark, it is nice and fluffy, it smells like fresh wood, and then the added bonus, it covers up the rest of the pesky weeds you didn’t QUITE get to.

So let me just tell ya….our Garden Party is this weekend, and boy have we been busting our tails to get things JUST SO  before you, our beloved guests, arrive.  SO please do come and marvel at the splendor, because trust me folks, this place never looks quite as breathtaking as it does right before a Garden Party.  Truth.  We cannot wait to celebrate with all of you THIS Saturday and Sunday!