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Peter vs. Karie

Do you know how hard it is to marry into the Nelson family? Plants are in the genes….Peter was BORN to be in this field. Both Rolf and Anita have Horticulture degrees and Peter, a Landscape Architecture degree. No pressure.

The Plant Cemetery

Don’t get me wrong, I love to garden…I just happen to be horrible at it. I figure I cannot be alone in my “trial by error” gardening. If you don’t believe me, check out this proof. A picture is worth a thousand words….a thousand shameful, sad words for the wife of a landscaping professional.

I shall call this Exhibit 1, or “the plant cemetery.” Don’t worry, the corpses have been removed, they were too graphic to share with the general public. Ghastly, I know.

I am sharing my dirty little secret with you, in hopes that I can spare you from making the same mistakes…or at least giving you some cheap entertainment. The plant cemetery listed above has been my testing ground for doing container gardens of vegetables and herbs; this will be my third year to murder beautiful, helpless little plants, or maybe not?

Year one my darling little plants were annihilated in ONE day by hungry caterpillars (cute in the books, not so much in real life). I was left with nothing but stems. The caterpillars officially ended my first attempt at growing vegetables and herbs. Being the optimist that I am, (if at first you don’t succeed, try try again) last year was attempt # 2.


Roma Tomatoes

We all know how last year went. DROUGHT, water rationing. These coupled with the fact that I was planting in pots (which require much more frequent watering than planting in the ground), did not bode well for my garden. Try as I might, the circumstances just were not in my favor. Here is what is left of my Roma tomatoes.

Not so pretty. Somewhere along the line, Peter snagged a few of my eggplants to plant for himself. Here is what HIS vegetables look like.

Peter's Eggplant


Really? Come on now! How is that even fair?

Like I said, no pressure marrying into this gene pool! I hope I don’t taint the genetics with my brown thumb! Despite all of this, I am trying again this year. Trial and error will eventually pay off! Stay tuned to see how my garden progresses! OR if you have any suggestions on veggies that are “Karie proof,” feel free to share and I will test them out!