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Plant Along 1:02 Containers

Welcome to the next phase of container gardening for Fall.  We’re taking it slow, so you don’t feel pressured, today we are addressing container choices.

Anything that holds soil and drains will work for your container garden.  When I look shop for pottery, I’m looking for pretty…….but there are some other factors to consider…….

This narrow neck on this planter makes it impossible to every remove an overgrown plant.  However, they can be used to grow Agave’s and perhaps cactus.  I have Agave’s planted in similar narrow neck containers, I’ve never watered them and they are still growing strong for the last 10 years.    container gardening 003

This wide shallow pot is designed specifically for succulent gardens.  However it only has one drainage hole, be sure to water sparingly or drill more holcontainer gardening 006es.

container gardening 005

I’m really digging (pun get it?) the shape of this pot…but…the sides curve inward a little which can make it difficult to remove overgrown plants.

The shape of this white pot is ideal for a narrow patio and the wide opening make it easy to plant and replant flowers.

container gardening 004