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Plant along 1.01 Intro

Fall is almost here and that means it is much more comfortable to be outside.  So………..Got the itch to try gardening?  Don’t have a patch of dirt to grow plants?  Fear not, you can always grow plants in containers!  Maybe you have a garden but you’d like to add plants to a patio, entryway or deck.  Perhaps want to liven up your working space.  Plants have an amazing ability to make a space more livable.  If you’ve never tried container gardening I’m here to help so………..

………..here’s the deal, I’ll give you ideas, suggestions, encouragement, advice and most of all reassurance while you give gardening in containers a try!  For the next several weeks, I’ll give you the basic information and materials you need to get started on this blog and then we’ll create our first container garden.  All I ask of you is to post your creations on our facebook page.  I think we can all learn from each other.  I’m calling this the PLANT ALONG  or PAL and the fun will be in the sharing, let’s get started…….

Below is a container garden created by Connie.  Connie is a master at  combining plants.  This composition is unified by using the color pink and the interest is achieved by the different forms and textures of the plants themselves.  Most container gardens will have a “spiller, filler and thriller.”  Spilling out of the pot is Portulaca, filling the pot is Penta, then the “thriller” and height is provided by the deep magenta Salvia.  If you want to consult with Connie on your plant selections she is here Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9-noonish.

IMG_0606container gardening 001